You’ll never know how important it is to mind your car keys until you get locked out. As much as the situation itself is a bummer, fixing it can cause a dreading hassle when you are in a rush or in a place that you would not want to be in for a few more hours. Fortunately, we live in a time of practical innovations which pave the way for clever solutions, and in the case of our cars, these digital devices can make car keys almost obsolete for locking and unlocking. In case you cannot avoid getting locked out, get to know the car locking options which are unbelievably convenient.

1. Lock your car using a remote.
You can secure your car and get back into driving by just a click of a button. This car locking option has been used around since the early 1990s, and most car manufacturing companies have installed this locking in almost all of their units. When its buttons are being pressed, the remote sends a matching signal to a receptor on the vehicle and depending on the command, it then locks or unlocks the car in just one click. This has lessened the need for finding your keys as that can be very time-consuming when all you want is to get out or get in your vehicle. Although the only drawback is the need for good batteries and the remote not to get physically or mechanically broken, locking your car with a remote is downright handy.

2. Lock your car with a keyless entry keypad.
Although this is common only in some countries, it is not unpopular either. An example is Keyfree Touch from Korea. The device allows you to set a code to lock and another code to unlock your vehicle. Just as you would on a safe’s keyboard, all you need is to input. This convenient digital door lock system allows vehicle owners to assign 4 to 10-digit numbers that when entered correctly, allows access by sending signals through the door’s glass window and eventually sending another signal to open that or any other door. While this keypad is left outside, an electric or battery-operated auxiliary device is left inside to function as a receptor that will run the command of opening if the number of input matches the command. Some are
also run by signals by matching a button on the keypad to its corresponding lock.

Although it is still important to secure a spare car key for emergency purposes, there has been so much advantage in going digital or a little more technical. A car’s security is just as important as its condition regardless of how new it has been released or how long it has been owned. Between locking with a remote and locking with the innovative keyless entry keypad, the former remains the most chosen of all car locking options but that does not take away the need to secure our keys.