Your air con breathes life to your home. However, when it functions less than your expectation, it costs a lot of bucks just to get it fixed. There are air conditioner problems though that you, yourself, can solve before calling an air conditioner technician. Here are common air con problems experienced at home and helpful solutions to fix them:

The room remains warm
It is common for an air condition to build up the temperature and cool your room. However, after turning it on and
thirty minutes after, no change in temperature is observed, this signals a problem in your unit.

Solution: First, check your thermostat if the temperature it is set is at a warm level. The lower the Celsius, the warmer it will be. Second, if you have adjusted to a cooler level (higher C) but the room is still warm then, it is time to check the filters and condensers. If these parts of the unit have too much dust, clean them or call a technician for it (N. Harms, 2015 & D. Trattner, n.d). Third, check if the outer part of the air con is not covered with anything (Trattner, n.d). If it is, remove anything that blocks it. The insulation allows heat to be released externally. If heat remains in the unit then, it affects the temperature and overall performance of the air conditioner.

The temperature is not right
You changed the mode or the level in the thermostat, but the temperature seems different from what you have
set. This could be a room problem (N.Harms, 2015) or a problem with the refrigerant or evaporators (D. Trattner,
n.d.&N.Harms, 2015).

Solution: Harms says that if sunlight can profusely enter your room then, it will not cool. Close almost all of your windows and keep one open (for ventilation and proper circulation of air). However, if keeping your room shut for
more than 2 hours doesn’t help then, check your unit’s refrigerant or evaporators. Experts said that refrigerants or
evaporators need to be insulated, cleaned if not, changed. Call a technician to do the more professional tasks.

The unit doesn’t turn on
When you press the thermostat, your unit does not respond. Perhaps, it is a problem with power connection or
thermostat setting.

Solution: First, make sure that your unit is plugged in properly. Check if the plug was loose or not connected to
the power supply. Second, check your thermostat’s setting and adjust the temperature (D. Trattner, n.d.&N.Harms, 2015). Third, Trattner suggests making sure that the thermostat batteries are functioning. Fourth, if the problem persists, Harms says that it must be a broken motor or compressor. It is recommended to call a
professional to fix it (Harms, 2015).

The air conditioner suddenly turns off
After some hours, the conditioner turns off even if you did not set it to do so automatically. Experts suggest that it could be a thermostat or unit problem.

Solution: Check if your thermostat is not set to turn off automatically. Trattner says to make sure that your thermostat is at a cool location and not in direct sunlight or heat. Harms also recommends checking if your air conditioner’s filters, compressors, and motors are dusty. A general clean-up of the unit can solve the problem.

Contact a technician to do so.
A homeowner’s experiences with an air conditioner can be easily fixed if proper maintenance is done all the time. Contact a technician immediately if problems persist.